Upvc and Composite Doors In Plymouth

Plymouth Home Improvements are a Certass registered company offering a full range of Doors such as Upvc Composite Patio and Sliding doors of any kind with 10 year insurance Backed guarantees your in safe hands. Please read below on the services we offer and the products we install with over 30 years experience in the window and door industry we have extensive knowledge and offer free estimates and quotations. for further information or to book a free quotation please ring 01752876974.
Upvc doors
Upvc doors are made of polyvinyl chloride and is the most common door found across the UK and comes in a range of different colours and added accessories for an added feel of personalisation to your property.
benefits of pvc doors include;
Traditionally pvc doors were only available in standard white but due to advancements in the technology in the last 10 years windows are available in a range of colours, shapes (arches etc.) and textures such as wood grain.
Energy efficiency
Upvc is a very good heat insulator and new Upvc doors are sure to upgrade the thermal efficiency of your house costing less to heat up. This will be a savvy investment saving money on your bills 
Low maintenance
Upvc requires very little maintenance compared wooden doors which have to be sanded varnished and painted every year for them to be in optimal condition. Whereas Upvc doesn't need any of this just a light wash with soapy water every couple of years depending on conditions.
Upvc doors work well with double glazing and reduce sound transition through the door very well. This is good for work environments as well as for relaxation 
Weather resistance
Unlike its natural counterparts Upvc windows are not susceptible to weathering and weatherproofing issues providing they are fitted correctly. meaning a longer lifespan.

Composite Doors

The above list also applies to composite doors below you will find some added features of the composite door compared to Upvc doors  Composite doors are made from a steel frame with a timber core and a insulated foam layer which is glued together and is then surrounded by grp (glass reinforced plastic) is is extremely hard wearing and makes for a tough and secure door for additional peace of mind. Although there are options of colour, finish etc., on Upvc doors. composite doors have far more options to choose from. From colour to a wide range of glass options, various wood effect finishes , a choice to have different colours on the outside and inside of the door and a far superior choice of furnishes. The composite door has something to add to every style of property and with these Customisable features its clear to see why. 

Composite Door Brochure 

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