Sliding Sash Windows Installation in Plymouth

Sliding Sash Windows

Plymouth Home Improvements are a Certass registered company offering 10 year insurance backed guarantees so If you are looking for something more than a standard casement window with increased safety features, superior thermal efficiency and a touch of traditional class then you might want to take a look at sliding sash windows. fully Customisable in colour shape thickness of glass and fittings, in 2 different materials wood and Upvc. 

Wooden Sliding Sash Windows 

Our made to measure wooden sliding sash windows are a top of the range replacement to your current windows guaranteed to enhance aesthetics and with certain models a easy clean technology is integrated to reduce cleaning time and difficulty. this timeless classic window has several benefits compared to its competitors such as longer guarantees, potential higher house prices and is environmentally safe and friendly. our fully customizable and made to measure service only compliments this amazing product further. fully furnished with a range of different handles, knobs and colours.

Upvc plastic Sliding Sash Windows

Upvc sliding sash windows share all benefits with a modern day Upvc window but if you wanted to go a step further than a standard casement window but don't want to spend out for the wooden sash windows then this is the best of both worlds. one of the biggest benefits of Upvc over wood is that the Upvc does not rot and doesn't need painting, but arguably the biggest benefit of having Upvc is the price with wooden framed windows coming in at nearly double the price of the Upvc alternative. Fully furnished with a range of different handles, knobs, locks, horns and different styles of Georgian bars for an added personalisation to further compliment your house. with added safety features such as toughened glass and easy clean features designed to make it easy to clean the outside of your windows from the inside of your house safely at an affordable price its hard to go wrong with this modern yet timeless classic.

Your current windows

A few of the main signs your windows are failing need updating include

Increased energy bills

Are your energy bills getting more and more month after month even though the  heating is on more. One of the main reasons houses lose heat is due inadequate or failing windows. If your bills have gone up and our house feels colder call one of our glazing experts to come and take a look and diagnose the problem

Condensation or misty glass

This is the most obvious sign your windows need updating. This is caused when the gas in between your glass escapes through a punctured hole in the encasement tape and is replaced by moist air. this is a major reason for heat loss and in some cases only the glass needs to be changed but this is risky as there is a reason the previous glass has failed its a safer and cost effective solution to upgrade the whole window as you will get longer guarantees and piece of mind.


Another sign your windows may be failing is down to sound. One of the best features of double glazing and triple glazing is its soundproofing using 2 panes of glass and an argon gas in between to break the sound wave and slow its path to your ear. when the gas is leaking or has leaked the sound waves find it easier to get through the 2 panes of glass therefore decreasing soundproofing 

Double and triple glazing

If your house feels drafty you may want to check your windows to find what type of glass you have. Many older houses still have single glazed windows that are far inferior to double glazed and even triple glazed windows. If you do have single glazed windows or a old version of double glazing we strongly recommend upgrading it will certainly be a good investment into your house.

Below are some gorgeous Upvc sash windows installed by our experts with over 30 years experience in the industry call us for a free quotation 

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