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Plymouth Home Improvements offers a full range of window fitting of any kind with guarantees with 10 year insurance backed guarantees. We are a Certass approved installer allowing us to provide a certificate and insurance on every installation we undertake. Please read below on the services we offer and the products we install with over 30 years experience in the window industry we have extensive knowledge and offer free quotations. for further information or to book a free quotation please call us on 01752876974
Upvc windows
Upvc Windows are made of polyvinyl chloride and is the most common window found across the UK and comes in a range of different colours and added accessories for an added feel of personalization to your property. benefits of Upvc windows include;
Traditionally Upvc windows were only available in standard white but due to advancements in the technology in the last 10 years windows are available in a range of colours, shapes (arches etc.) and textures such as wood grain.
Energy efficiency
Upvc is a very good heat insulator and new Upvc windows are sure to upgrade the thermal efficiency of your house costing less to heat up. This will be a savvy investment saving money on your bills 
Low maintenance
Upvc requires very little maintenance compared wooden windows which have to be sanded varnished and painted every year for them to be in optimal condition. Whereas Upvc doesn't need any of this just a light wash with soapy water every couple of years depending on conditions.
Upvc windows work well with double glazing and reduce sound transition through the window very well. This is good for work environments as well as for relaxation 
Weather resistant
Unlike its natural counterparts Upvc windows are not susceptible to weathering and weatherproofing issues providing they are fitted correctly. meaning a longer lifespan.
Double glazing and triple glazing 
Upvc windows are made for double glazing and triple glazing and is made up of 2 or 3 panes of glass and an argon gas which conducts heat poorly meaning heat finds it hard to escape through the windows. Each pane of glass is 4mm thick and in between them is a 20mm argon gap each pane of glass is for soundproofing although this is standard, upgrades are available such as;
Toughened glass
 Toughened glass also known as tempered glass is made for added safety and is made by heating up glass to temperatures exceeding 650 degrees Celsius and is cooled very quickly your end product is glass that is up to 5 times stronger than standard glass and up to 400% more resistant to shock and heat than standard glass. if you do happen to break this glass it will break up into thousands of tiny blunter pieces significantly reducing the risk of injury.
Laminated glass 
Laminated glass is also made for added safety and is most commonly used as car windscreens. The reason for this is its safety features when broken instead of breaking into shards or tiny pieces the glass cracks and is held in place by a sticky thin film designed to hold any pieces of glass from falling anywhere. this greatly reduces the risk of injury and in a case of security thieves or intruders trying to gain entry to your property will find it very hard when the glass wont shatter and fall out of the window frame therefore adding peace of mind to the homeowner.
Obscured Glass 
Obscured glass is made for privacy most commonly found on bathroom windows designed to distort and reduce transparency while adding style and personality to your property, Obscured glass is available from a level of slight distortion to a brief silhouette or removing items the other side of the glass from sight completely. Many patterns, colours and textures are available.
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